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Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Picture taken on Alligator Eye Overlook on Lake Gogebic


The fall color in Michigan’s Western Peninsula offers some of the finest forest hues. Over 90 percent of the region are forest covered and in the fall, the colors explode. The colors are accented by the surroundings that carry them down root beer tinted water and float to soft forest floors.

Most of the colors are brilliant reds, radiant yellows and a deep pumpkin orange. The vast hardwood forests hold more colors than an artists palette. You’ll even spot russet oaks with hints of purple and brown. There’s no need to travel far and wide to view a bust of color, it’s all here, in Michigan’s Western U.P.

Visitors can also learn about the rich old mining and logging history in little towns that have survived even after the mines closed. One will enjoy just touring the countryside admiring the orange flames that burst from tranquil pine backgrounds. The bright yellows cover themselves along fields of young poplar. The colors form translucent canopies over country roads against the cool blue fall skies.

The sprinkling of evergreens, staying true to their color year round help the woodland stars of autumn to shine through. Hikes along colored leaf lined paths and view our brilliant fall foliage.

Basswoods, ash, birch, aspen, sumac, elder, oaks and maple embrace the land. Stately branches of the white pine, the magnificent and too-uncommon evergreen, Michigan’s state tree, majestically tower over like a king watching over it’s forested kingdom. Back in the bogs, dark cone-shaped spruces stand posted amid the fiery hardwoods. It’s a quiet hush of Mother Nature at her finest.

The waterfalls also provide a nice backdrop to the fall colors. Some of the more popular and easy to find waterfalls are along the National Scenic Byway on Black River Road heading towards Lake Superior. The hike through hemlock stands and groves of maple and birch is well worth it.

There’s a selection of five waterfalls to tour, Great Congolomerate, Potawatomi, Gorge, Sandstone and Rainbow Falls. The footpath to Great Conglomerate Falls, on the Black River, north of Big Powderhorn Ski area, past Copper Peak winds through an almost pure stand of sugar maple.

If you’re seeking the adventure of a picture perfect fall color journey, head up to Gogebic and Ontonagon Counties in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Fall Colors

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