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Snowmobiling around Lake Gogebic
Snowmobiling around Lake Gogebic

We still have lots of good snow for snowmobiling on our 150 miles of trails in the Lake Gogebic Area.

Our grooming club really takes great pride in the trails that we offer.  Our three groomers are out most everynight.  With the amount of diesel fuel we have gone through this year, it is driving our finance committee crazy.  But that’s OK because we are all riders too.

During the summer and fall we totally replaced three bridges.  This really takes a lot of hard work from our volunteers.  For those of you that have been up here, you can imagine the effort it takes just to get the lumber and other materials to the site.  Some of those bridges are 20 miles from a paved road!

We also rerouted Trail 1 between  the middle of Lake Gogebic up to M28.  This is now a very scenic ride along the Presque Isle River.

We have lots of very good warm up spots for lunch, dinner and drinks within the Lake Gogebic trail system and all of the other grooming clubs adjacent to ours.  There is nothing better than getting into a nice warm bar/restaurant after the first 50-60 miles of your trip.  All of these warm up stops have warm meals, hot drinks, cold drinks and entertainment.  By entertainment I mean the snowmobilers you meet from other groups.  The conversations are always entertaining.  Learning where they are from, where they have been so far for the day and what trails are good.  Many of these eating and drinking establishments also offer gasoline.

So please come up and join us.  I’m the fat guy with the pretty wife.  Come up and say hello and we’ll buy you a drink.  See you out on the trail

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Tom Huge
Author: Tom Huge

Tom Huge is an avid snowmobiler and Lake Gogebic area lover. He currently serves as President of the Lake Gogebic Area Chamber of Commerce.

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