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Riding your motorcycle in the UP of Michigan can be a very rewarding experience. Since we ride in our area often, I will give you our observations.

The main reason why we like to ride in this area is the lack of traffic. Compared to many areas we have ridden in around the country, if you come up here, you will immediately notice a big difference as soon as you arrive. Many roads even in the middle of the day are almost vehicle free. And the lack of big semi trucks is very noticeable. Oh sure, you will see some, but compared to other areas that you have probably been to, you will notice a big difference.

You will obviously see cars and other motorcyclists, but they are quite sparse. You will notice a difference. And if you do come across another vehicle that is moving slowly and you need to pass, there really isn’t a lot of oncoming traffic that you need to worry about.

The roads are kept in very good shape. When you consider all of the snowplowing that goes on up here for 5 months, it is really quite astonishing. The State of Michigan does a very good job. Even the secondary roads that the counties maintain are in good shape. Just be a little cautious of gravel in the corners that cars spit out. Many of the secondary roads do not have shoulders.

There are so many neat sights to visit. I will name a few of our favorites below:

Copper Harbor in the Kewaunee. There a 2 very scenic roads that you can chose from just to get there. Take CR 26 to get there and Hwy 41 back.

Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains. It is worth the very short hike from the parking area on a paved path to get to this awesome view.

Bond Falls. Huge waterfalls off of Hwy 45 in Paulding. Motorcycle friendly parking and a snack shack.

Lake Superior shoreline. Check out roads such as 203, H58 and 28 that will lead you right along the shoreline for miles and miles. There are lots of neat little harbor towns that you go through that contain quaint places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lodging and gasoline are very plentiful.

Copper Peak. Outside of Bessemer. An old ski jump once used to train Olympic ski jumpers. Once you get to the top there are incredible views of the Lake Superior shoreline and 3 states.

Lake Gogebic. The UP’s largest inland lake. 15 miles long. 18,000 acres. Very cool lakeside resorts with bars and restaurants. Rent a boat. Go fishing.

The weather just can’t be beat. We receive lots of sunny days and it is 85 degrees only 3-4 times a summer. Most days are well below that mark.

Motorcycle service facilities will be in the larger towns such as Marquette and Escanaba which are right in the middle of the UP.

The area is known for its’ waterfalls. Bond Falls has been mentioned above. Waterfalls are literally all over. Many of these are on well maintained gravel roads (just be careful) and there is often times a short hike following. But it is always good to get off of the bike for awhile and stretch your legs. All of these are great picnic spots so don’t forget your lunch. We would be happy to send you a waterfall map.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the UP. Be safe and let us know how we can help.

Author: Jeanette

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