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Lake Gogebic
Snowmobile Report

2020/2021 Snowmobile Season

Well folks, La Nina has arrived or will be arriving this winter to our region according to The National Weather Service.  This means greater than normal cold temperatures and moisture.  We are looking forward to it and are ready.  The more snow the better, right?

Our snowmobile club, Gogebic Area Grooming, is also ready.  They are prepared and have been working since summer to get the trails and grooming equipment ready.

Ten new directional signs have been added onto the 150 miles of our trail system.  They now give you mileage and directions to towns and locations.  These signs are placed throughout the system.

We have widened trail #8 for 3 miles to eliminate the soft spots that have existed for years.  This also aids in the water running off of the trail,

All of our trails have been brushed with the new tractor assisted cutter that we purchased.  It makes brushing go a lot quicker,

On trail #1 north of Bergland, we have eliminated the huge beaver dam that has always been a problem using pit – run.

On trail #13 north of the Root Cellar, we are back in the woods and no longer have to ride on East Shore Rd. any longer.

For trail #100, that has been reopened from south of Lake Gogebic over to trail #13 so that snowmobilers do not have to ride East Shore Rd. through that very hilly and winding section.

So, we will be happy to see visitors from the past and new faces this winter.  The hot soup and hot chocolate are on the stove.

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