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Lake Gogebic
Fishing Report

Lake Gogebic Fishing Report

Aug 7, 2023 – Lake Gogebic fishing has been very good for a mid summer report. Anglers are catching a variety of species. Most are working the weeds in 8 to 12ft. of water using crawlers and leeches catching bass, perch, walleye and northern with some panfish mixed in. Trollers are having great success running boards with stick baits for the suspended walleyes and using bottom bouncers with crawlers over the mud 22 to 26ft of water. Best of luck! Barry (Bear) Drews at Bear`s Nine Pines Resort 906-842-3361.

June 20, 2023 – Lake Gogebic report has been up and down with lots of weather changes but has begun to level out with more stable conditions. Crawlers and leeches are now the go to baits with weed beds up and anglers targeting the weeds and weed edges for most all species. Perch action is on the upswing in those areas from 8 ft. to 12ft. depths. Smallmouth have been active in the weeds and also rocky areas. Walleye are hitting in the weeds and out in the mud 18ft. to 22ft. with the best reports. Best of luck! Barry (Bear) Drews at Bear`s Nine Pines Resort 906-842-3361.

May 16, 2023 – Lake Gogebic has once again provided a great opener with both weather and success. Water levels are high and water temps cold keeping those Walleyes active. Anglers are working jig and minnow combos near hard bottom both stationary and drifting in 8 to 16ft. of water providing the best reports. Trolling has also been very successful in the same depths. Best of luck! Barry (Bear) Drews at Bear`s Nine Pines Resort 906-842-3361.

Jan 23, 2023 – Lake Gogebic ice conditions and travel have steadily improved. Walleye and perch action has been good. Anglers are targeting the same depths of 22 ft. to 26 ft. with the best success over mud. Walleye are hitting both sucker minnows on tip ups or jigging baits tipped with a fathead with the best action early morning or evening. Perch continue to prefer wigglers fished tight to the bottom. Best of luck Barry (Bear) Drews at Bear`s Nine Pines Resort 906-842-3361.

Oct 9, 2022 – Lake Gogebic report was a bit slower this week but still fair with mixed reports. Walleye anglers are still working the weeds and shorelines with sucker minnows and stick baits. Some of the better reports are from shore anglers using minnows during low light conditions. Others have had mixed catches of walleye, bass and northern with some nice perch still hitting crawlers. Grouse hunters are starting to move into the area with fair sightings, but still have a lot of leaves on yet. Fall colors have peaked with lots of people just enjoying a fall color tour. Best of luck. Barry (Bear) Drews at Bear`s Nine Pines Resort 906-842-3361.

Sept 9, 2022 – Lake Gogebic report is fair. Walleye action has slowed some with anglers reporting catches in the weeds using live bait and some trolling with planer boards over the mud. We are seeing mixed bag catches of perch, bass, northern and panfish mostly coming from 8 to 12 ft. in the weeds using crawlers and leeches. Some nice crappie catches have come in suspending over open water using small plastics. Fall colors are beginning to show and opening of bear season has hunters dealing with wind and high temps. Grouse season is coming on quickly as well with a few reports of coveys being seen but way to many leaves on the trees yet to get many positive sightings. Best of luck to all in the woods and on the water. Barry(Bear) Drews at Bears Nine Pines Resort 906-842-3361.

June 17, 2022 -Lake Gogebic fishing has been fair overall. We have had a lot of ups and downs with wide swings in weather from rain to wind and wide temperature swings causing the bite to be on and off. Minnows ,leeches and crawlers have all been working. Walleye, Northern and bass have all been active. Anglers have had success with a number of tactics drifting and jigging, trolling crawler harness`s and trolling planer boards with stick baits as well. Perch action has been slow so far this season but should pick up with warmer weather. Best of luck! Barry (Bear) Drews at Bear`s Nine Pines Resort 906-842-3361.

Mar 28, 2022 – Lake Gogebic is still in winter mode. Cold night temps has kept the snow firm on top in the mornings, but with any warm ups expect the snow to soften. Heavy snow and sleet in the past week means expect slush in most areas under the snow. Ice thickness remains the same, but use caution at this time of year as the conditions can change rapidly. Perch anglers are working the mud flats, but activity has been very light. Best of luck! Barry (Bear) Drews at Bear`s Nine Pines Resort 906-842-3361.

Jan 6, 2022 – Lake Gogebic travel conditions remain good with average of 10 inches of ice on the main lake and 10 to 15 inches of snow. Recent fresh snow and wind has caused some drifting also. The perch bite remains slow with anglers working 20 to 24ft. marking lots of fish but not biting very well. Walleye reports are mixed however very good reports have come in from both 6 to 8ft. and 25 to 27 ft. jigging and using tip ups. Best of luck! Barry (Bear) Drews at Bear`s Nine Pines Resort 906-842-3361

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