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Lake Gogebic
Fishing Report

Lake Gogebic Fishing Report

Lake Gogebic fishing has been on the up swing this past week. The walleye bite has improved greatly with anglers working jig and minnow combos in 6ft. to 10ft. depths during low light conditions catching lots of fish but most are small. Anglers working 21ft. to 28ft. are reporting some nice sized eyes. Warm temps have also turned on the smallmouth action with some impressive fish. No reports on perch action yet. Best of luck! Barry (Bear) Drews at Bear`s Nine Pines Resort 906-842-3361
Barry ” Bear” Drews  www.ninepinesresot.com <info@ninepinesresort.com>
 May 29,

May 20, 2020 Lake Gogebic report overall is slow for the walleye bite. Anglers are working mainly jig and minnow combos or leeches in some very shallow water 3 to 6ft. with some success early and late in the day. Other fair reports are working 19 to 22ft. right on bottom using the same. Despite cool water temps the smallmouth action has picked up with summer like weather, but the season does not open until May 23rd. Reports of many northern being caught but most are small. Good Luck! Barry “Bear”Drew Nine Pines, www.ninepines.com

May 16, 2020 Lake Gogebic opener has seen mixed results with anglers reports. Some not doing so well locating fish while others are doing well! Looks like fish are not done spawning yet and males are still milking. Some good reports from shallow areas 6ft. to 12ft with others doing well in 17ft. to 20ft. depths. Mostly a jig and a minnow bite with anglers reporting leeches as the best for them. Water temps around 46 degrees is a good indicator fish may still be near spawning areas. Best of luck! Barry “Bear” Drews Nine Pines www.ninepines.com

June 27, 2020

Lake Gogebic report has been fair. Anglers working rocks and hard bottom with leeches are taking both smallmouth and walleye. Trollers running boards with stick baits and crawlers have seen a few nice fish over the mud in 19ft. to 24ft. with fair success. Some perch have also been taken scattered out in the mud flats as weed growth seems to be coming in slowly. Some areas are seeing weeds popping quickly while other areas seem slow to start. Mayflies have also begun to hatch. Best of luck! Barry (Bear) Drews at Bear`s Nine Pines Resort 906-842-3361.
Barry ” Bear ” Drews at Bears Nine Pines Resort 906-842-3361 or www.ninepinesresort.com <info@ninepinesresort.com>


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