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Lake Gogebic Area Information

Lake Gogebic Area Information

Lake Gogebic lies in two counties, Gogebic County and Ontonagon County and in two time zones, Eastern and Central, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The Lake Gogebic area has long been known for the wide variety of things it has to offer vacation visitor.  Boating, kayaking, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, skiing, biking, sightseeing and camping are among some of the things Lake Gogebic has to offer.

The two counties are considered Michigan’s Western Gateway. There are twelve hundred miles of rivers and streams, over 300 inland lakes and miles of woods and wilderness. It offers thrills for anglers, fun for swimmers and boating enthusiasts, quiet adventures for canoeists, excitement for the hunter and enchanting scenery for everyone. It’s also the ski capital of the Midwest with four ski areas in Michigan and one in near by Wisconsin.

The warm days and cool nights of the summer season afford unparalleled recreational experiences to outdoor enthusiasts as well as families.  One can also experience the famous Lake Superior sunsets, as well as the timeless visual sensations of the Northern Lights, which dance most brilliantly in our northern skies. Our area hosts over a million acres of unspoiled Northwoods accented by over 50 breathtaking waterfalls.

Over 80 percent of the acreage is within the boundaries of the Ottawa National Forest, and most of the land is open to the public. The Ottawa National Forest encompasses over 953,000 acres of unspoiled hardwood forests. It’s a great place for adventure. Camping, hiking, biking and walking trails to scenic overlooks are among some of the activities enjoyed there.

Beautiful Lake Gogebic area offers:


Bergland – At the north end of the lake visit the quaint village of Bergland which offers a lovely park with a new DNR boat launch and playground equipment, gas station, restaurant, pub & grub, bait shops located in resorts, motel, museum, churches, post office, and village offices all within walking distance of the lake.

Bergland Museum

Bergland Historical Museum  It’s like walking into someone’s home during the early 1900’s.  Each room has its own dedication to certain like items.  The Military room is second to none.  It is very personalized, listing over 850 names of area veterans with the branch they served in, from the Civil War to present.  The Museum is partnered with the Bergland Heritage Center, thus offering great displays of the US Forest Service, as well as the CCC Camp.
Website: www.berglandmuseum1.com
Hours: Memorial Day-Labor Day weekend
Wednesday-Saturday, 12:00 pm-4:00 pm

Town of Marenisco

Marenisco – Located a short drive south of Lake Gogebic on M-64, you will find a park, a unique older tavern, another also serving food, a new cafe, a new health clinic, a library, a convenience/gas store, post office, and local township offices.

Waterfalls around Lake Gogebic

Waterfalls – All lend to the beauty and majesty of the area.  Yandota Falls on the Presque Isle River, Kakabika Falls on the Cisco Branch of the Ontonagon River, Slate River Falls just south of Lake Gogebic, Marshall Creek Falls, and Cascade Falls east of Bergland, on Forestry Rd. 400 are just a few of the many beautiful waterfalls in our area.

Lake Gogebic Northern Lights

Nature – At night take the time to sit outside and view the heavens without the obstruction of lights. You’ll be treated to a view of shooting stars and if you are lucky you may see the northern lights. If you watch very closely, you might see the awesome glow of a moving satellite.

Relax along the water’s edge at night and listen to the sounds of the north. You may hear water splashing against the shoreline, loons calling to each other, the yip of an excited coyote or the bark of a fox.  When all is silent, listen for the distant howl of a wolf or the hoot of an owl calling their mate.

Wildlife around Lake Gogebic

Wildlife – Drive the 38 mile lake loop at night and your headlights may capture the sight of deer, bear, wolf, fox, raccoon, or other friendly animals of the north crossing your path.  There are even reports of the sighting of moose.

Alligator Eye, Lake Gogebic

Alligator Eye – Climb to the highest point near Lake Gogebic, located near the southwest corner of the lake, and you will be at the eye of the Alligator. Folklore has it that before the forests grew, when viewed from the lake; the area appeared to resemble the shape of an alligator.  When you reach the eye you may be lucky enough to find Indian Artifacts which the area was known for.

Eagles around Lake Gogebic

Eagle sightings – Traveling just south of M-28 on the East Shore road you will see a nest occupied for many years by a pair of magnificent eagles. After enjoying the activity in this nest for about 40 years, it was brought down in a windstorm in 2015. There is another very large eagle nest viewable from the lake just south of what the locals call the Villa on the southeast side of the lake.

Spend a day traveling the lake just watching the beauty of nature and wildlife viewing. Seeing an eagle swooping down to the lake and capturing its food is an awesome sight. If you are very quiet you will be rewarded with an eagle sitting at the water’s edge posing for your camera.

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